GTA tennis serves mainly in Barcelona and Mallorca (Spain) for any queries related to projects outside the city do not hesitate to contact us. Our services are target into three groups; dedicated players who want to experience our training method, the dedicated players who want to supplement the training with experiences abroad and the last one dedicated to coaches, parents and players wishing to get educated with our GTA method. If you want a personalized service information you can contact us directly.

GTA Training

Global Tennis Adviser

Global Tennis Adviser is the best way to train tennis in Barcelona and Mallorca (Spain). Come an experience firsthand our training methodology where GTA player learn hard work values and real match tool with our accelerated learning system.

 GTA Education


 At GTA Education you will find our different available tutoring packages of GTA training methodology for trainers, parents and players. Also you can find books, courses and seminars.

Experiences Abroad


Now you can travel  abroad and live life time experiences, where you’ll have the opportunity to cultivate your values as an athlete and person while you train with different training systems.