Confidence comes from within (PART 2/3)

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On todays pots we will talk about how confidence comes from within and we will revel the second of our three secrets to nurture it. As we already seen in PART 1, Confidences grow by understanding the learning process but also from developing a plan and follow it with complete faith.


SECRET 2: Develop a plan and follow it with complete faith is basic nutrient for your confidence growth. Nowadays, there is no clear sign of a unique plan to achieve success in tennis or life, allowing you to be creative on finding your own  way like many others did.  However, even though every champion was rise in a different way, after conducting a research we determine 3 important similarities that help them build confidence.


1. Set a well-formed learning structure: All top players plan ahead their seasons with well-formed goals based on their level and resources. As a player if you want to boost your confidence level you need to have a structure in and out of the court during practice and during competition as a guide to stay focus on the objectives.


2. Unlimited neutral persistence: As oppose to the most common behavior in amateur players,  it is better to lose a point and stay commited to your strategy than lose direction to win a couple extra points. A player must have no hurry to change his/her strategy during the game, tournament or season structure unless no other option is available.


3. Blind faith: Once you familiarise with your plan you must believe in how you 10.000 hours of no judging training will pay off.  The only way to achieve that is by encouraging your subconscious to do what has learn to do  and by playing with confidence in a automatic way. Believe in the shots that come first to your mind because unconditional faith in your game and routines will show you that confidence comes from within and blind faith in your well set plan is what you need to pursuit your goals.


In conclusion the popular sentence,“learn it, live it and love it” is more than just a catching sentence.  Only by learning your plan, working on it with no judgment and by loving it you will allow confidence comes from within you.


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