Confidence come from within (PART 3/3)

  |   Mental

 On today’s post I will continue talking about how confidence comes from within you and also I will reveal the third and last of the three secrets to nourish your confidence . In addition on what we saw in Part 1 “understanding the learning process” and part 2 “develop a plan and follow it with complete faith” , in part 3 we will talk about the importants of developing a constructive close group for you to cultivate strong confidence .


SECRET 3: Tennis like any other individual sport requires a lot of self-confidence and therefore external factor are an important support during process. Accept your nearest close group such as your family or friends and build a professional and committed team can be key in achieving the required level of confidence to peak your optimal learning and performance. Here are three suggestions to boost your confidence through your close group.


1. Identify, accept and appreciate: Observing enhancing existing behaviour in each of the members of your close group will allow you to find nutrients to grow your confidence. Although initially this task  may seem difficult because your judgments about some of these relationships often block any enhancer element, with practice you’ll see that anything is possible. In order to achieve this feat  I recommend you to kindly drop those limiting thoughts and focus on listening that person and then you will be ready to accept their contributions and appreciate them.



2. Include external enhancing behaviours to your routine: Once you have identified the possible enhancing contributions of each person in your close group and you are willing to accept them and appreciate them is important to introduce them into your routine. Your routine is an essential tool in your training and competition and must be carefully designed to ensure maximum  confidence and performance.


3. Cultivate your relationship with each member of your small group: You must remember that the unconditional support is not unlimited and even your family, partner or coaches need your enhancing behaviors as well, by nourish their confidence you will symptomatically become more confidence in your life and your relationship. Finding space in your schedule where you offer your support and your identified by them enhancing behaviours  you are building a healthy and lasting relationship.


In conclusion, everyone around you is a potential confidence source for you, you should just listen actively without judging and look inside you because at the end confidence come from within and can get inspire by anyone and by anything that you want.



To learn more about how to maximize your relationships and your routine you can contact our  GTA facilitator for individualised support .