About GTA

We are a tennis consulting company where we  conceived  a new way to envisioning tennis. We mainly focus on three services segments. First, specific training for technical, tactical , mental and physical areas , based on an accelerated learning system, where our players develop their tennis skills and their ​​education values. Second , a learning center where you can find courses, books and specific research. Third and last , a personal growth experience abroad through athletic scholarships in American universities or summer camp for teenagers.




To be a world reference at researching and promoting personal growth through tennis, by developing  players with strong drive on values​​, success and happiness.



Promote personal growth and sport values ​​through our unique GTA accelerated learning methodology.

 GTA Values

Our commitment to the acquisition of values by the players is unconditional, integrates across all our learning system and perceive as a priority ​​in our daily training by embracing the following values:


Each session is individualized and prepared according to our system while player are accountable on following their routines before, during and after training or match.



Give maximum effort and quality in every minute of training.


Pursue goals and celebrate successes without settling to them.


Keep clear objectives , eliminating interruptions or distractions , to achieve consistency in our work.



Thanks to our experience as players and coaches at different stages on tour, we developed strong connection with player and their emotions.


We work and expect you to work with the highest professionalism , no matter who you are, where you come from or what it is your level.


Our proven methodology is based on scientific research. For this reason, players and staff are convinced of all the work we do on the court. 


We offer  innovative and personalize tools to resolve any situations on life or on court. 


 GTA Team

Our coaches and staff work under the leadership and direction of our four area’s directors. GTA coaches educate tennis players using the guiding principles of our GTA training system through our innovative methodology training. Their coaching objective is to promote our company values by helping our players to become better athletes and better people. To do this, our coaches follow the principles of our own training system, based on development of our four main areas in a holistically way.  Our highly qualified staffs are recruited from all over the world. They are recruited based on their experiences, professional knowledge on the subjects, and teaching abilities. All of our coaches enrol in an ongoing Professional Development Path that gives each coach the experience and knowledge to develop as an individual coach and to keep improving the GTA training.

Carlos Canudas  General Director &  Mental Training Area Director

Carlos is a certified Spanish National Coach approved and recognized by  the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the Spanish tennis federation (RFET).  He is the director of GTA and his passion about sports and people is unmatched in the industry. His winning spirit and his personal achievements have helped him since an early age to combine Pro-tennis training with his academic studies. His adaptability and competitiveness drove him to win several regional level university tennis awards in the U.S. Carlos graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Business & Management, and later obtained his Master’s in Business Administration at Devos Grad School of Business in Michigan.

His unique charisma helped him meet people from around the world whom have subsequently been a constant source of information & help for the growth & success of GTA. His desire to change the world of tennis can only be compared with his eagerness to share his experiences with other players. Carlos is a certified NLP Practitioner, PTR level 4, GPTCA level B & C, USPTA P1, Mindfulness practitioner and he is currently pursuing a Master´s in Sports Psichology & Coaching.

David Canudas Technical & Tactical Director  

He is a certified Spanish National Coach approved and recognized by ITF and RFET. He has  spent his entire life linked to the high competing world of tennis. His early successful career participating in major National Tournaments got David an Athletic Scholarship at the University of Southern Mississippi in the United States.

For four consecutive years, David managed to reach the top 50 NCAA Div I College tennis ranking, after winning several tournaments and scoring the best winning record in the history of his university. David graduate with honors with a bachelor of Sports Administration. After concluding his studies, it was time to go for the ATP Tour. David participated for 5 years on ATP tour. During his first year, he was the spaniard with highest progression in the ranking during that season. Nowadays, David is currently obtaining his Master´s degree on Sport administration at Pompeu Fabra University.



Tennis, Learning & Values.

Global Tennis Adviser (GTA) is the story of two brothers whose life has always revolved around tennis. David and Carlos Canudas were born in Barcelona around the 80s. Both brothers have competed at a high level and fill their home shelves with trophies. Even though their stories are very different, both have come to the same conclusion: Tennis is an excellent vehicle to acquire learning for life.

From the beginning, both Carlos and David were clear about their goal: to become professional players. After so many years they acquire many personal experiences, a great know-how of the tennis industry and several values such as dedication, responsibility and effort. All these experiences have formed a clear purpose in mind of these young coaches. This small seed would later  be the soul of the company that they found.

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David Canudas is the eldest brother. Thanks to his exemplary discipline and his successful career, he obtained a scholarship to play tennis at a prestigious university in the United States, the University of Southern Mississippi. At this university he became a great tennis player. As a result of living alone in another country, he grew and enhanced all his qualities. For four years, David showed almost total dedication to tennis, becoming among the top 50 US college players. He became the best player of all time at his university a record that nowadays still unbroken.

Upon David finishing his university, he decided to return to Spain to engage in professional tennis and play in the ATP. He reached the semifinals in the first ATP tournament, beating players with a much higher ranking.  He played on the tour for 4 years competing, traveling and meeting people. His best ATP ranking was 516 in singles and top 300 in doubles. Carlos, the youngest of the brothers Canudas always had a great desire to excel. Despite being younger than David, he competed with him in the same tournaments. He was very demanding of himself and trained more hours than anyone. His hard work made him overcome his brother at age 16 becoming the number 280 in the ranking of Spain. However, one month before national tournament, he began suffering back problems, and doctors advised him not to participate in the Nationals, risk to suffer further injury. He continued to train and recovered his best, but his back was seriously injured keeping him away of tennis for a year. He had painful rehabilitation. When he recovered, and at 17, he went to a night school to continue training. However, the fate of Carlos was not to become a professional player. Three months after his recovery, during his first tournament, injury fall again. This time the doctors told him that he could never engage in high competition tennis. This news was devastating to Carlos, because tennis was his life. There were hard times but, following the advice of his brother, he went to America, where he won a scholarship to play at Northwood University, Illinois.

Carlos recovered the illusion and transformed adversity into opportunity. He decided to study International Business, and for four years played at a high level reaching a good ranking and winning several state tournaments. Subsequently, the university offered him to expand his scholarship to study a Master´s degree (MBA), and continue on playing for the Northwood team. That was the last year that Carlos competed. A year later, after working for Spanish company on a different industry, Carlos returned to Barcelona with a very powerful idea inside. He knew his life was tennis and even eventhough he could not compete, there were other ways to succeed in this sport. He had the opportunity to help two young players from his former club, and then decided his future. He decided to devote his life to provide necessary means to  work up successful players. As Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward” and only now is it possible to understand that everything that happened to the Canudas brothers, both in their professional career and in their life, had a much greater meaning than they had thought-out.